You remove a candid camera

You remove a candid camera!? We urgently recommend to you, coming into toilets of clubs, bars, discos, restaurants and other pleasure institutions, to look on the parties, and as over myself and under myself! As in cities begins fashionable to put in the most unexpected places "the candid cameras", the finished shooting materials each "director" uses at own discretion, one sell, others look, the third publish in a network! Therefore, having come once on certain pages of the Internet, be not surprised, having seen the delights finished shooting by a candid camera.

Personal and intimate life

Sharp reduction of the sizes of the latent videocameras and active use by their private detective agencies, in 5 times, for last year, has increased number of the divorces which reason became video - certificates of changes of spouses.
Blackmail at household level when at the minimum expenses the malefactor receives decent "indemnification" from a victim who sometimes does not have possibilities to address in law enforcement bodies uses the increasing popularity.
Systems illegal съема information are established: in saunas, hotels, motels, offices, in fitting rooms of shops, in public toilets, in locker rooms of sports clubs, in cosmetic and medical offices of private clinics... And it is far not the full list.
The choice of a casual place for romantic meetings or carrying out of confidential negotiations, unexpected arrival in a sauna or for example in hotel, too does not guarantee confidentiality. Tiny chambers broadcasting images or radiomicrophones broadcasting your negotiations, can be established in any premise for some seconds

Bugs Installation sites

Most often chambers establish in hotels, restaurants, locker rooms of sports clubs, sun decks, bathrooms and toilets, at offices, in clinics and offices of practising doctors, in hostels and rented apartments. Can present a subject with the chamber established in it or the radiomicrophone. The cleaner, the electrical engineer, the security guard or the visitor can simply leave one insensible motion to "prowhisper" at office.
"bug" and "bookmarks" put in furniture, clocks, flowers, telephone sets, floor lamps, desk lamps, ventilating apertures, the fire alarm system and many other places.
The Internet is full of shootings of an intimate life of nothing suspecting people. Compromising films are created, confidential negotiations are overheard

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