For maintenance of comfort and safety for your

business, the company renders services

1. Search and neutralisation (at will of the customer) mortgage devices (bugs) on the basis of long-term experience with application of the newest search technics.

2. Creation of a complex of technical protection of the sound information which circulates in premises (offices), with revealing and blocking of technical channels of information leakage. After construction of such system, probably to have conversations on various themes, including the vulnerable. With product of measurements under standard documents.

3. Check of cars on presence of radio beacons and presence in them of devices of a terrorist orientation.

4. Installation of the latent video observation with possibility of sound registration. Variants both stationary, and mobile, for performance of short problems on time are possible. Various variants depending on financial possibilities of the client (quality of the registered information, a corner of the review of a videocamera etc. is considered) are possible.

5. Computer check on presence viruses programs and programs providing extrapublic access to your computer